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Name SAiNT
Location Zion
About Me use my PGP Key if you want to discuss something privately.

for many years I was convinced that Music is the most decent way of life one can ever choose.

recently I discovered that NASA is sending a radio signal through space, attempting to establish a contact with other forms of life;
they didn't know what signal to send, because no words or symbols would make any sense; so they decide to send playback of Bach's music, to represent our planet;
and that is unimaginable honor. life is more decent, than a life spent in Music.
My Gear: E-MU 1212m v2, Yamaha HS50M, Sennheiser HD580, Behringer MINIAMP AMP800..

Keys: Fatar VMK 188Plus, M-Audio Axiom 61.
Signature we're not pirates, we're poor artists. (c) SAiNT

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