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About Me Musician for 40+ years. Eclectic tastes that range from classic and prog rock to jazz fusion, acoustic, and electronic and ambient music, as well as film, trance, and psychedelic synthpop.
My Gear: Keyboards: Yamaha MM8 Workstation Synthesizer, M-Audio Axiom Pro 61, M-Audio Oxygen 25
Guitars: Yamaha APX-5A Acoustic Electric, Fender Stratocaster 2000 Mexican Make, Gibson SGJ 2013 Model, Antares Mandolin
Computers/ Devices: HP laptop w/ Windows 7 64-bit o.s., PC with Windows 7 64-bit o.s., Apple iPad 3.
Pedals/ Interfaces: Dunlop Crybaby Wah, DOD Distortion FX55, Line 6 Toneport GX USB guitar interface, Apogee Jam iPad guitar interface, Apple Camera Connection Kit USB adapter (for midi keyboard connection to iPad), Roland GR20 Guitar Synthesizer.
Amp/Mics: Fender Princeton Chorus, MXL 440 & 441 condenser microphones.
Recording Equipment: Nady SRM 10X line/mic mixer, Tascam DP004 & DP008 multitrack digital recorders.
Software DAWs/ VSTs/VSTi's: Ableton Live 9, FL Studio 11, Reaper 64, Reason 5, Adobe Audition CC, Cakewalk VSTs and VSTis, a plethora of Native Instrument VSTs and VSTi's, Arturia Collection, Korg Legacy Collection, Amplitube (PC and iOS App versions), Linplug Collection, IzoTope Ozone 5, etc.
Signature Rock and Roll is not dead. It has simply evolved and metamorphosed over the years. Anyone who claims Rock and Roll is dead is deluding themselves.

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